Here you can find a selection of the questions that I’m asked more frequently, if you have a question that isn’t answered here, head on over to the contact page and feel free to ask there.

How long will the make-up last?
Although pigment molecules stay in the skin indefinitely the colour remains visible for several years. This is variable depending upon the client’s age, skin type, colour choice and lifestyle.

Is the procedure painful?
Every client is different but with advanced new equipment and techniques discomfort is minimal.

Do I have a choice on placement and colour?
Definitely. The client is in control every step of the way from desired shape to colour selection.

How long will it take?
You should allow a minimum of 1 1/2 hours for a new procedure.

What happens after the procedure?
Immediately, post procedure the area treated may appear swollen and the colour will appear darker and more intense. This will last for several days. Complete healing can take up to six weeks for the pigment to mature in the skin and the true colour to emerge.

Who would benefit from a procedure like this?
A variety of people could benefit from this procedure, including:
• Anybody who applies their make-up daily.
• Sufferers from Alopecia or other hair loss problems.
• Allergy sufferers who react to conventional cosmetic products.
• Disabled people who find cosmetic application problematic.
• Athletes, swimmers and those who regularly take part in sporting activity.
• People who require correction of asymmetry of facial features.